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Wed May 31 12:48:02 UTC 2017

Dear Indology List,

I hope that there may be someone with access to pdf-s of the two volume Āvaśyaka-cūrṇi of Jinadāsa, published in 1928-29 who might share them. This is not the 14th century Āvaśyaka-niryukty-avacūrṇi available on the Jain eLibrary site. If the Cūrṇi is available on some server that has eluded my detection, please provide me guidance.

The complete reference:
Jinadāsa-gaṇimahattara-kṛtayā sūtra-cūrṇyā sametaṃ śrīmad-Āvaśyakasūtram, 2 vols., ed. Ṛṣabha-devaji Keśarīmalajī Śvetāmbara Saṃsthā (Ratlam & Indore, 1928-29)

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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