[INDOLOGY] A Cumulative Supplement Dictionary of Sanskrit (corr.)

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Wed May 31 12:33:46 UTC 2017

General information is provided here (in English):

2017-05-31 12:50 GMT+02:00 Walter Slaje <slaje at kabelmail.de>:

> Dear Colleagues,
> we should like to inform the members of this list that a cumulative
> Sanskrit dictionary with the German title „Nachtragswörterbuch des
> Sanskrit“ (NWS), the result of a joint project at the universities of
> Halle and Marburg and funded by the DFG, is accessible as a trial version:
> http://nws.uzi.uni-halle.de/?lang=en
> The new search tool lists lexicographical addenda from c. 170
> dictionaries and glossaries, which postdate Böhtlingk's
> "Sanskrit-Wörterbuch in kürzerer Fassung" (1879-89) as well as
> R. Schmidts "Nachträge" (1928):
> http://nws.uzi.uni-halle.de/dictionaries?lang=en
> The search page provides a synoptic search in all three sources:
> http://nws.uzi.uni-halle.de/search?lang=en
> General information is provided here:
> http://nws.uzi.uni-halle.de/description?lang=de
> Basic usage is probably self-explanatory, but do use the button
> "Help and useful hints" on the search page and the menu "Description".
> Corrections and other feedback can be sent to nws at uzi.uni-halle.de.
> We hope that the NWS will be of some use for Sanskritists.
> Kind regards,
> Walter Slaje (Halle) and Jürgen Hanneder (Marburg)
> -----------------------------
> Prof. Dr. Walter Slaje
> Hermann-Löns-Str. 1
> D-99425 Weimar
> Deutschland
> Ego ex animi mei sententia spondeo ac polliceor
> studia humanitatis impigro labore culturum et provecturum
> non sordidi lucri causa nec ad vanam captandam gloriam,
> sed quo magis veritas propagetur et lux eius, qua salus
> humani generis continetur, clarius effulgeat.
> Vindobonae, die XXI. mensis Novembris MCMLXXXIII.

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