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*The Study ofStolen Love. /Iṟaiyaṉār Kaḷaviyal/. [rev. ed]. *
With Commentary by Nakkīraṉār. Translated from Tamil by David C. Buck 
and K. Paramasivam, RSAS n^o 9, Institut Français de Pondichéry, 2017, 
xxxv, 347 p.
Language: English. *1000 Rs (43 €)*. *ISBN: 978-81-8470-216-3.

*Distribution rights in the following territories: India, Sri Lanka, 
Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, France

/The Study of Stolen Love/, with Nakkīrar’s commentary, is the earliest 
Tamil prose work still in existence, and its influence remains clear and 
strong today. The work consists of three strands: A series of ancient 
Tamil sutras, Nakkīrar’s explication of those sutras, and the elegantly 
beautiful ancient court poems he has chosen to illustrate his points.In 
so doing he lays out the prescribed conventions that govern the 
composition and appreciation of /akam/, or “interior” poems—often called 
‘love’ poems—and their literary contexts, as well as the critical 
apparatus that has structured commentaries by classical Tamil scholars 
down through the centuries, including the current era. This translation 
was done collaboratively by David C. Buck and the late K. Paramasivam, 
and originally published in 1997. The revised edition revisits notes 
from the first edition, and includes a new Introduction that brings the 
work up to date and places the Tamil original more firmly in its 
historical context.


*Keywords: *Iṟaiyaṉār, Akapporuḷ, stolen love, Nakkīrar, Kaḷaviyal, sangam

*About the translators*

*David C. Buck*has been translating Tamil works into English since 1965. 
His publications include a number of collaborations with the late Dr. K. 
Paramasivam, including this translation of /Iṟaiyaṉār Akapporuḷ /with 
Nakkīrar’s commentary, as well as a significant amount of Sangam poetry. 
He has also published a translation, with comments, of /Tirukkuṟṟāla-k- 
Kuṟavañci /and a translation with notes of the /Song of 
Pāmpāṭṭi-c-Cittar./ More recently he has published a number of 
translations from contemporary Tamil literature, most notably /Tamil 
Dalit Literature: My Own Experience/ in collaboration with Kannan M. of 
the French Institute of Pondicherry. David C. Buck is an Associate 
Professor Emeritus at Elizabethtown Community and Technical College in 
Kentucky, USA.


*K. Paramasivam*, Ph.D. (Chicago), authored numerous books and articles 
on Tamil language and linguistics in both Tamil and English, as well as 
translating over 20 English classics into Tamil, but the real strength 
of his legacy lies in the minds and hearts of his many, many grateful 
students. He taught Tamil at various colleges in Tamil Nadu, most 
recently and for the longest period of time at the American College in 
Madurai, until he became the head of the Tamil language program of the 
American Institute of Indian Studies in Madurai. He passed away in 1992.

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