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   A couple of months back  an impressive  discussion on Attantya Abhava was held on this site, 

based on my query. I  felt enriched . However, the issue of Attantya Abhava  had been bothering 

me still, as a result of which I made some further readings. I found Annambhatta' Text 'Tarka-

Samgraha' the sole exception. It is the only text I came across ( not even Bhatta's SlokaBartick)

which takes' BHUTALE  GHATO NASTI'( i.e the pot is not in this plane) as an instance of Attantya-


               According to it, the pot   bears a space -time relation with the plane ( Kaal Desh 

Bishistha Sambandha Swarup).It is something like this- At time t the pot was not  on the plane. 

the pot was  placed on the plane at time t1. The time t when the pot was not on the plane , would 

never  come back to existence at point of time  in past ,present future.  It gets lost into a 

multi-spatial absence.This absence is Trikaal-Abadhita.


                                                              ALAKENDU DAS

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