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Greg Bailey Greg.Bailey at latrobe.edu.au
Wed Mar 29 00:45:13 UTC 2017

 Dear All,
Herewith a new book, just published by Sage.
Greg Bailey

Hinduism in India: The Early Period, ed. Greg Bailey, Sage Publications, New Delhi, 2017
(Series: Hinduism in India, ed. Geoffrey A. Oddie)
Greg Bailey: Ch. 1. Introduction
Greg Bailey: Ch. 2. Hinduism Contextualized
Axel Michaels: Ch. 3. Rituals
Adam Bowles: Ch. 4. The Mahābhārata and Dharma
Greg Bailey: Ch. 5. Mythology
Angelika Malinar: Ch. 6. Religious Pathways: Social and Ritual Activity (karman), Knowledge (jñāna) and Devotion (bhakti)
Eric Lott: Ch. 7. Hindu Theology
Crispin Branfoot: Ch. 8. Making Space for the Sacred: Hindu Art and Material Religion

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