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It has been taken as alpāyumr̥tyu in the commentaries.

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> I wonder if list members might throw any light on the term alpamṛtyu
> occurring in a 17th-century Sanskrit text (Yādava's *Tājikayogasudhānidhi*).
> I would have supposed it to be a scribal error for apamṛtyu (in the sense
> of 'untimely death') were it not that the metre requires that the first
> syllable be long. I do not recall seeing the word in other Sanskrit texts,
> but a quick web search returns quite a number of hits in the vernaculars,
> including some from the Rāmcaritmānas. However, I am not sure from these
> whether to understand alpamṛtyu as untimely death (= akālamṛtyu), as a
> nearly but not quite fatal accident, either, or as something else entirely.
> Martin Gansten
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