[INDOLOGY] Question on the word "purapati"

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Dear Luther,

there are synonyms of *purapati* such as *nagarādhikṛta*, *nagarādhipa*,
*nagarādhipati*, *nagarādhyakṣa*, etc., used also by Kalhaṇa. Most probably
there will be more.

*nagara-pati* , according to Kane’s important list of functionaries and
officers, would have been a „city prefect“ (HDhŚ Vol. 3 1946 (1993): 989).

Determining the meaning(s) of *purapati* in its various expressions
requires to compare the respective function(s) in the respective contexts
they occur.

> Completed in 1459, it speaks of the citizens of Yoginīpura (
*yoginīpurapaura*) in verse 381

It is actually verse 384. This one should however be assigned to
Pseudo-Jonarāja (for transmissional and philological reasons, cp. n. 344 on
p. 272 of my translation). From the background of a different authorship it
would have been composed considerably later than 1459.



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