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Dear colleagues,

Please see below for information about a new seminar series that has been set up by two SOAS doctoral students. All welcome!

Yours, with best wishes,


A new initiative for students studying Sanskrit launches this February. The workshop, called ‘The Sanskrit Reading Room’, runs regularly with leading scholars from around Europe. 

For further details please see sanskritreadingroom.wordpress.com <http://sanskritreadingroom.wordpress.com/>, the facebook page 'Sanskrit Reading Room' or contact Avni Chag (Avni_Chag at soas.ac.uk <mailto:Avni_Chag at soas.ac.uk>) and Karen O'Brien Kop (Karen_O'Brien-Kop at soas.ac.uk <mailto:Karen_O%27Brien-Kop at soas.ac.uk>).

The spring and summer schedule for 2017 is as follows:

Wednesday February 1, 10am-12pm

Dr Jason Birch (SOAS)

The second chapter of Amanaska - the earliest extant rāja yoga text

Room T101, 22 Russell Square, SOAS


Wednesday February 8, 3-5pm

Dr James Mallinson (SOAS)


Room B211, Brunei Gallery, SOAS


Wednesday February 15, 3-5pm

Dr Nina Mirnig (IKGA, Austrian Academy of Sciences)


The Wharton Room, All Souls College, University of Oxford 


Wednesday 8 March, 5-7pm

Dr Lidia Wojtczak (SOAS)

Origins and Developments of Dūtakāvya: 

Verses from Kālidāsa’s Meghadhūta (3-4 CE) and Vedānta Deśika’s Hamṣasandeśa (13-14 CE)

SG34 Senate House, SOAS


Wednesday 22 March, 5-7pm

Dr Vincent Tournier (SOAS)

A 6th-century inscription from Andhra Pradesh.

Room SG32, Senate House, SOAS


Wednesday 26 April, 3-5pm

Dr Camillo Formigatti (Clay Sanskrit Librarian, Oxford Bodleian)

Kālidāsa’s Raghuvaṃśa (with Raghuvaṃśa manuscript viewings)

The Weston Library, part of the Bodleian Library, University of Oxford


Wednesday 10 May, 3-5pm

Dr Péter Szántó (University of Oxford)


All Souls College, University of Oxford 


Wednesday 24 May, 3-5pm

Professor Diwakar Acharya (University of Oxford)

All Souls College, University of Oxford 


Wednesday 7 June, 3-5pm

Dr James Hegarty (Cardiff Unversity)

Vidura and the Mahābhārata in Full: 

The ‘Dynamic Translation’ of the Critical Edition of a Sanskrit Text 



Wednesday 14 June, 3-5pm

Dr Theodore Proferes (SOAS)


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