Dear colleagues,

Please see below for information about a new seminar series that has been set up by two SOAS doctoral students. All welcome!

Yours, with best wishes,


A new initiative for students studying Sanskrit launches this February. The workshop, called ‘The Sanskrit Reading Room’, runs regularly with leading scholars from around Europe. 

For further details please see, the facebook page 'Sanskrit Reading Room' or contact Avni Chag ( and Karen O'Brien Kop (Karen_O'

The spring and summer schedule for 2017 is as follows:

Wednesday February 1, 10am-12pm

Dr Jason Birch (SOAS)

The second chapter of Amanaska - the earliest extant rāja yoga text

Room T101, 22 Russell Square, SOAS

Wednesday February 8, 3-5pm

Dr James Mallinson (SOAS)


Room B211, Brunei Gallery, SOAS

Wednesday February 15, 3-5pm

Dr Nina Mirnig (IKGA, Austrian Academy of Sciences)


The Wharton Room, All Souls College, University of Oxford 

Wednesday 8 March, 5-7pm

Dr Lidia Wojtczak (SOAS)

Origins and Developments of Dūtakāvya: 

Verses from Kālidāsa’s Meghadhūta (3-4 CE) and Vedānta Deśika’s Hamṣasandeśa (13-14 CE)

SG34 Senate House, SOAS

Wednesday 22 March, 5-7pm

Dr Vincent Tournier (SOAS)

A 6th-century inscription from Andhra Pradesh.

Room SG32, Senate House, SOAS

Wednesday 26 April, 3-5pm

Dr Camillo Formigatti (Clay Sanskrit Librarian, Oxford Bodleian)

Kālidāsa’s Raghuvaṃśa (with Raghuvaṃśa manuscript viewings)

The Weston Library, part of the Bodleian Library, University of Oxford

Wednesday 10 May, 3-5pm

Dr Péter Szántó (University of Oxford)


All Souls College, University of Oxford 

Wednesday 24 May, 3-5pm

Professor Diwakar Acharya (University of Oxford)

All Souls College, University of Oxford 

Wednesday 7 June, 3-5pm

Dr James Hegarty (Cardiff Unversity)

Vidura and the Mahābhārata in Full: 

The ‘Dynamic Translation’ of the Critical Edition of a Sanskrit Text 


Wednesday 14 June, 3-5pm

Dr Theodore Proferes (SOAS)