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This is to inform the members of this list that a reprint (Rs 1195) has appeared with Manohar in Delhi of my book:

Kāvya in South India. Old Tamil Caṅkam Poetry. Delhi: Manohar.

The reprint is provided with a preface in which I discuss work done since 2001 on the question of the dating of Caṅkam poetry. David Shulman’s Tamil. A Biography has appeared too late to be included, but a review of that book with the title “Myth versus concocted empiricist histories. David Shulman’s reconstruction of the history of Caṅkam poetry” may be found on my website.

To go back to the reprint, at the end a minor accident has happened with the text on the jacket. The publisher had asked me to provide some quotes from reviews. It was not so easy to find positive ones. On the other hand, I did find some which give at least an idea of the theme of the book, from Whitney Cox (“This monograph offers a dramatic rethinking of the history and interpretation of the earliest stratum of literary Tamil”) and George Hart (“If accepted, Tieken’s conclusions would cause a revolutionary reevaluation of Tamil studies – virtually everything written about the history of Tamil and its literature would have to be rewritten.”) Too late I discovered that the publisher had placed these quotes under the heading “Praise for Herman Tieken”.


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