[INDOLOGY] Eli Franco and the Fate of Indology

Simon Brodbeck BrodbeckSP at cardiff.ac.uk
Mon Jan 16 13:02:27 UTC 2017

Dear colleagues,

I am sure I am not alone in being appalled and saddened by the capitalised section of Professor Falk's email below. 

Please can we keep this kind of discourse out of this forum. 

We would do better to make our individual minds up about the work of our colleagues on the basis of that work itself, rather than on the basis of this kind of attack.

With all best wishes, from Simon Brodbeck.

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Dear Eli,
Thanks for putting so much time into rebuking something that doesn't even deserve a rebuke. As you say at the end: this useless book is not about German Indology, it is about the two authors.
They want to be right, they want to be taken as authorities, BECAUSE THEY ARE INDIANS, ...
Best, Harry

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