[INDOLOGY] Catushpitha Tantra vs Hevajra Tantra

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Dear Paolo,

Peter Daniel Szanto and Kazuhiro Kawasaki have both published on the CatuSpIThatantra. And I have noted 
a reference to it in a 10th c. Dunhuang document discussed in my article "New Light on an Old Friend."
As for Hevajra, I believe that 7th-8th c. is too early.


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Dear indologists,

I am struggling with the "chronology" regarding the catushpithas concept and its first appearance in the Vajrayana cosmos.

Particularly, the Catushpitha Tantra described a list of four pithas linked to philosophical concepts---atman pitha, para pitha, yoga pitha and guhya pitha (cit.
in D.C. Sircar [The Shakta Pithas] 1948, 11).
Regarding this text, the only clue that I found is that one of its commentaries was copied in 1145 CE (ibid.).
While I found no discussion about the original text, and particularly if it was previous or coeval with the Hevajra Tantra (that could be date between seventh and middle of eighth centuries)---althoug from Sircar study I argued he considered the two tantras to be more or less coeval.

I wish someone can help me with some reference to the Catushpitha Tantra.

Best wishes,

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