Re: [INDOLOGY] {भारतीयविद्वत्परिषत्} a question regarding the usage of -gotra versus -sagotra

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Gear Madhav,
We do not add any new information. I refer to two works 1. John Brough's
The early Brahmaniical system of Gotra and Pravara that includes the
Gotrapravaramanjari. baudhayana;srautasuutra's chapter on Gotras and
Pravaras is highly illuminating.

On Tue, Jan 3, 2017 at 1:01 AM, Madhav Deshpande <mmdesh at> wrote:

> Dear colleagues,
>      I am forwarding a question from a friend of mine, for which I do not
> have a clear answer:
> Quote:
> Dear Madhav,
> I thought you might have a quick answer to this question. When mentioning
> gotras, one sees "Visvāmitra gotra", but also "Ātreyasa gotra", and
> "Kāsyapasa gotra".
> Since the ṛṣis in the two latter cases are Atri and Kasyapa, it would
> appear that the corresponding gotras should be "Ātreya" and "Kāsyapa",
> without the "sa" suffix. (Indeed, one also sees "Ātreya gotra", and
> "Kāsyapa gotra".)
> Is it the case that the correct terms are "Ātreya sagotra", and "Kāsyapa
> sagotra", and the conventional usage is simply an incorrect parsing?
> However, this would require "Visvāmitra sagotra", which one does not see.
> Or is there something more to it than that?
> Unquote
> Why would someone be referred to as Viśvāmitra-gotra, but others as
> Ātreya-sagotra or Kāśyapa-sagotra?  I will appreciate a clarification.
> Madhav Deshpande
> Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
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