[INDOLOGY] Mahabharat verse on unreliability of the intellect

edbryant at rci.rutgers.edu edbryant at rci.rutgers.edu
Fri Feb 24 18:19:07 UTC 2017


Does anyone know the origin of this verse in the MhBh:

"Logic is unreliable, the Srutis express different viewpoints, and there
is no RSi who does not have a different philosophy from other sages. The
essence of dharma is hidden in the innermost recesses of the hearts of
enlightened souls; one should therefore follow the path traversed by an
enlightened soul"

This oft-quoted verse appears in the various renditions of the text in the
section where YudhiSThira answers the questions of the yakSa in the forest
by the lake, but I can't seem to find it in the BORI edition - which might
of course be the answer to the dilemma, but i ask just in case.

Many thanks.  Edwin Bryant.

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