[INDOLOGY] pdf of Jagannātha Paṇḍitarāja

Tim Cahill tccahill at loyno.edu
Tue Feb 21 21:49:08 UTC 2017

I've uploaded a scan of this book at  archive.org


I read Paranjape's book in Poona about 15 years ago, either at the BORI 
or at Poona University. He did some fine text critical work on the 
Bhāminīvilāsa, and criticized the earlier edition of L. R. Vaidya 
(1887). In lieu of Paranjape, you might try the edition by H. D. Sharma 
(Poona, 1935).  Sharma's text follows Paranjape very closely, and he 
reproduces the variant readings that Paranjape had listed. In addition, 
Sharma has reproduced all of the additional verses that Paranjape had 
relegated to his appendix, even indicating the particular ms. or 
edition.  His notes often draw directly from the notes that accompany 
Paranjape. Fortunately, Sharma's edition is widely available.

Tim Cahill
Loyola University New Orleans

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