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I thought I had posted the suggestion you contact the chancery of the Archbishop-Patriarch of Goa, but I don't see my message so perhaps it got lost. Anyway, the archdiocese has a website < > and a directory of offices so one can pick which to approach first < >.
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 Dear Colleagues,
Is it possible that no one on the List has access to Konkani descriptions of the Goan Basilica do Bom Jesus?
With sad regards, 
Artur Karp
2017-01-31 10:15 GMT+01:00 Artur Karp <karp at>:

Dear List, 
I am involved in the preparation of the supplement to the Official List of Polish Geographical Names of the World - already published in 2005, by the Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography (Główny Urząd Geodezji i Kartografii), Warsaw, Poland -  and accessible at: 14/Azja_Po%C5%82udniowa_Artur_ Karp_ed._Nazewnictwo_geografic zne_%C5%9Awiata_Zeszyt_4_G%C5% 82%C3%B3wny_Urz%C4%85d_Geodezj i_i_Kartografii_Warszawa_2005
 The supplement  - planned to be published as the Official List of Polish Names of Historical Monuments and Buildings of the World - is  to include formal names of selected important South Asian historical buildings/monuments; a provisional, not yet completed list, is accessible at: 699/Nazwy_budowli_-_Azja_Po%C5 %82udniowa_Names_of_buildings_ and_other_architectural_monume nts_in_South_Asia_

Usually, I do not have problems in locating the formal, official names of geographical objects in India. 

The Basílica do Bom Jesus, however,  eludes me. What I come across is Borea Jezuchi Bajilika, as at: Basilica_of_Bom_Jesus

Since the presumably Konkani name is already a transliteration, it cannot  serve as the basis for precise transliteration and the Polish transcription. 
What I need are VERY FORMAL names of the Basilica - both in Hindi and Konkani - such as those formally used and published in the Indian Catholic Church sources. 

If you would give me the names as they are written in Devanagari, I could easily transliterate them - using myself the ISO 15919 rules of Romanization. 

Thank you in advance for your kind help, 
Artur Karp (ret.) South Asian Studies Dept. University of WarsawPoland

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