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Dear list,

I am looking for a couple of references from the *Devipurana*.

I found---throughout secundary literature---some references that probably
derived from this edition:

*Devīpurāṇa*, ed. with a Bengali translation by Pancanana Tarkaratna.
Calcutta, 1928.

while I have got (thanks to the list!) this edition:
*Devīpurāṇa*. Kumar, Sharma P. (ed.) 1976. *Devī Purāṇam*. New Delhi: Sri
Lal Bahadur Shastri Kendriya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth.

Actually I do not know if the two eds are based on different mss, but I was
unable to find out verse (39.6) that should says:

*yajed ... devIM kAmAkhye girikandare *(Van Kooij 1972, 32n3---based on
Bengali trans.)

although some scholars wrote that in this verse should also be a reference
to the son of Bhumi (earth goddess) and cited the Kumar ed. (v.
39.6b)---but in Kumar ed. there is the verse that speak of Kamakhya neither
it speak about a "Bhauma".

The second part that I am looking for is a so-called* Appendix 1 list 7*
(cit. in Dehejia 1986, Yogini Cult and Temples), although in her
bibliography it is not cited any *DP *ms or edition. Thus, I imagine this
appendix was somewhere through the Kumar ed. (or maybe not) or perhaps she
confused with another text?!
Dehejia wrote that in this list were enumerated 64 devi-pithas from which
depend on the two *yogini *lists of the *Kalikapurana *(Chs. 54 and 63, in
B. Shastri [1991] 2008).

I wish someone could help in find out the verse and the appendix that I was
unable to find out from Kumar ed. of *DP*.

Best wishes,

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