[INDOLOGY] Conduct of discussion on this list.

Dominik Wujastyk wujastyk at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 16:09:46 UTC 2017

Dear colleagues in this INDOLOGY forum,

The managing committee <http://indology.info/email/email-comm.shtml> of
​ has watched a few recent exchanges with some dismay, because of their
harsh tone.  Our committee has also received messages of concern from
several members of the list, who worry that a decline of standards in
collegial discussion will undermine the value of the forum as a place for
scholars to debate academic issues in a productive manner.

​INDOLOGY membership currently stands at 701 members.​  That is an
encouragingly high number for a specialist subject such as ours.  It is
also a large number of people to participate harmoniously in an unmoderated
forum.  In general, conduct is admirably high.  And it is noticeable that
when occasional lapses occur, the high level of good conversation rapidly
reasserts itself.  Taking the long view, our committee feels optimistic,
and perhaps even slightly proud of the INDOLOGY forum, and grateful to see
the frequent messages of thanks and appreciation that members post, when a
question is answered or a bibliographical item is found.

​It is also worth remembering that exchanges in this forum are publicly and
permanently archived, intemperate outbursts and all.

We trust our members to remain mindful of the value of this forum as a
privileged space for earnest and cooperative conversation.  It could easily
be destroyed, so let us cherish it.

The INDOLOGY managing committee.

Netiquette guidelines: http://indology.info/email/email-rfc-1855/

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