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  Thank you,once again, for the article by Jason Brown, entitled-'Microgenesis and Buddhsim'. 

It is an illuminating article focussing on hidden areas.However, I would ,with all humbleness, 

like to mention that there exists an apparent contradiction between momentariness ( 

KshanikaVada)and law of Dependent Origination( Patticchya Samutpada),which has been  

explicitly mentioned and denounced  in Badarayan's BrahmaSutra' where he states-आसती प्रतिग्ग्या 

अपरोधे जौग्ग्यपदयाम अनन्यथा .

       Logically viewing, an entity which is  Kshanika i.e created and destructed instantly 

cannot lead to another entity ( which is the Law of dependent origination)

                                                      ALAKENDU DAS


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