[INDOLOGY] Documentary on the life of Jagannath alias Nana Shankersheth

Madhav Deshpande mmdesh at umich.edu
Mon Aug 21 14:52:44 UTC 2017

Hello Friends,

   1.      I came across this beautiful documentary film on the life and
   contributions of Jagannath alias Nana Shankersheth, in whose name the
   famous Jagannath Shankersheth Sanskrit Scholarship was established around
   1857.  Ashok Aklujkar, Ganesh Thite, and I, among many others, won this
   Sanskrit scholarship.  Shankershet worked closely with Mountstuart
   Elphonstone, the first British governor of Bombay, and significantly
   contributed to the establishment of numerous educational and cultural
   institutions in Bombay.  The film depicts his manifold contributions.


Madhav Deshpande

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