[INDOLOGY] Dina Bangdel's Passing

John Huntington john.darumadera at gmail.com
Wed Aug 2 16:21:45 UTC 2017

Dina Bangdel’s untimely death is a tragedy of many orders. Taken from us in
the prime of life, she was in the midst of several projects all of which
boded well for the disciplines of Nepali/Newar art history, Buddhism of the
Himalayas and art history in general. In addition she was a charismatic
leader and strong advocate for the arts in Nepal with a considerable
following as a national figure.

Her intelligence, personal charm, and positive outlook (“*no negativity*”
was a favorite saying of hers) gave her the ability to create positive
attitudes for the promotion, study, and preservation of historical
monuments. Her vision was very straightforward, “*this needs to be done,
together we can do it, and here is the plan to do it*”.

Having worked with Dina closely on several projects, the “Photographic
Documentation of Newar Buddhist Art and Architecture, and the *Circle of
Bliss* exhibition catalog, I came to know her more as a family member than
a graduate student or a colleague. Her contributions to these projects were
both generous in terms of time and effort and of the highest intellectual

Personally, my family, Susan, Eric and Yumi, and I will miss her beyond any
possible words and her husband Bibh and her sons, Devan and Neel have our
most profound condolences.

May her *Indra capa kaya* (rainbow body) diffuse through the *sarva akasha*
totality of space.



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