[INDOLOGY] More e-texts added to Muktabodha digital library

Harry Spier hspier.muktabodha at gmail.com
Sat Apr 29 04:09:50 UTC 2017

Dear list members,

In addition to the e-texts announced yesterday 17 more e-texts have now
been added to the Muktabodha Digital Library.

These are:

1. A searchable text of parātriṁśikāvivaraṇa also known as
parātriśikāvivṛtī by abhinavagupta. Volume KSTS series volume 18. A
photocopy of the printed KSTS edition is in the Muktabodha library under
the title parātriśikāvivṛtī .

2. mukuṭāgama (also called makuTAgama) . This text is quoted in the
tantrāloka . Another śaivāgama by this name (but quite different) belonging
to the liṅgāyat canon is already in the Muktabodha digital library. This is
from IFP/EFEO paper transcript T00247

3. mṛtyuñjayakalpa a śaiva tantra from NGMCP manuscript 4-286

*And the following 14 paddhatis (ritual manuals) from Nepalese manuscripts*

4. mahālakṣmīpūjāvidhiḥ from NGMCP manuscript 1696/2310

5. mantradānavidhi from NGMCP manuscript 2690

6. kalāgniyajñavidhi from NGMCP manuscript 1696/2203

7. kaśārcanavidhi of siddhalakṣmīdevī from NGMCP manuscript reel no: A

8. madhyapīṭhapūjāvidhi from NGMCP manuscript 1062

9. pheṭakapratiṣṭhācaṇḍikāgnividhi from NGMCP manuscript ? reel no: v 192/15

10. siddhilakṣmī ārāmika from NGMCP manuscript no: 1399

11. siddhilakṣmīdevyārcana from NGMCP manuscript 1373

12. siddhilakṣmīkoṭyāhutidinakṛtya from NGMCP manuscript 1365

13. siddhilakṣmīyutākṣaramālāmantra from NGMCP manuscript 1397

14. ucchiṣṭacāṇḍālinīkalpa from NGMCP manuscript 52

15. ugracaṇḍāpūjāpaddhati from NGMCP manuscript 1696/979

16. urddhvāmnāya damanārohaṇapaddhati from NGMCP manuscript 126 reel B

17. urddhvāmnāyapūjāvidhi from NGMCP manuscript 126 reel B 179/3

Harry Spier

Manager, Muktabodha Digital Library

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