[INDOLOGY] Female name Bhaayi?

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Subject: [INDOLOGY] Female name Bhaayi?

According to David Pingree (CESS A5: 335), the astrological author Yādavasūri (early 17th century, Gujarat?) lived in a place called Vāī. In support, Pingree quotes the author's Tājikayogasudhānidhi (16.27):

śrīvatsasaṃjñād dvijapuṅgavādyaḥ śrīvāīnāmni supure ca sādhvī |
śrīyādavena vyaracīha tena sudhānidhis tājikayogapūrvaḥ ||

This is neither metrically nor syntactically satisfactory. On examining a manuscript of the text, I found that it read:

śrīvatsasaṃjñād dvijapuṅgavād yaṃ śrībhāyināmnī suṣuve ca sādhvī |
śrīyādavena vyaracīha tena sudhānidhis tājikayogapūrvaḥ ||

Yādavasūri thus appears to give his mother's name as śrībhāyi. I have not come across this name before -- can anyone confirm that it exists?

Thanks in advance,
Martin Gansten

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