[INDOLOGY] Call for papers: IIGRS 9 at Ghent University

sander hens hens.sander at gmail.com
Fri Apr 21 08:54:23 UTC 2017

Dear members of the Indology mailing list,

We are pleased to announce that the ninth International Indological
Graduate Research Symposium (IIGRS 9) will take place at Ghent University
on 22nd and 23th of September 2017. We invite all M.A. and PhD students, as
well as early stage researchers who have completed their PhD within the
past five years, to submit their abstracts to iigrsuk at googlemail.com by
June 12. The selection committee will consider all papers dealing with an
Indological subject based on the study of texts in their original language.
Please have a look at the IIGRS website for more information:


 If you are teaching at an institution, we would be grateful If you could
spread this information among your students.

 For further questions, you can contact us directly at
iigrsuk at googlemail.com


Sander Hens

Heleen De Jonckheere

Agnieszka Rostalska

Marie-Hélène Gorisse

Sander Hens

PhD Candidate
Dpt of Indian Languages and Cultures
Ghent University

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