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Dear Dominik,
I believe there is a Jain connection here.  In Jain texts, "kaṣāya" refers to passions/attachments which attract karmic matter to the jīva.  But each kaṣāya is also connected with a specific "leśya"–the colors which the jīva takes on due to the presence of the kaṣāya-s.  Perhaps the meaning of kaṣāya as a color has been conflated with the leśya concept?  This is just an initial guess, and not based on any in-depth investigation of specific occurrences of these terms in Jaina sources.
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 Has anyone wrestled with the divergent meanings of "kaṣāya"?  Obviously there are core meanings like "red/yellow," "a sort of tea-like infusion," and "astringent taste."  But there are several outlier meanings, including Wilson's "attachment to worldly objects."  Wilson is often very apt, and I think he got his meaning from the Pandits around him.   The Buddhist "decay, etc." seems to carry over the ChUp's "impurity, sin."  Vedāntasāra's "stupidity" is another outlier.  Is this really a conflation of homonyms, or what?
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