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It looks like a fantastic program, Clemency! Hope it'll work out great.


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Dear fellow Indologists,

For your interest, I'm delighted to circulate the programme for the upcoming Symposium on the History of Science in India which will take place next week 19--20 April, at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand.  Speakers and titles are pasted below and attached with their abstracts to this email.

We are thrilled that Dr Deepak Paramashivan, a internationally renowned Sarangi player, will be wrapping up the Symposium with an Indian classical music concert entitled "Sarangi: the sound of one hundred colours".

With best wishes,
Clemency Montelle
Associate Professor
School of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Canterbury | Te Whare Wananga o Waitaha
Private Bag 4800, Christchurch 8140


Symposium on History of Science in India April 19-20, 2017

Venue: Law 105, College of Business and Law UC

Wednesday 19 April

9:15am Welcome: Prof. Sekhar Bandyopadhyay (Director, New Zealand India Research Institute, Victoria University of Wellington)

Session One (Chair: M. S. Sriram)

9:30 K. Ramasubramanian
The art of weaving geometry and trigonometry with poetry: A study based on Nityānanda’s Sarvasiddhāntarāja

10:30 Aditya Kolachana
Evolution of udayalagna calculations in India

11:15 Morning tea break

11:35 Venketesvara Pai
Role of maṇḍalas and maṇḍaladhruvas in determining the longitudes of planets in the vākya school of astronomy

12:20 K. Mahesh
The Karaṇaprakāśa of Brahmadeva: A preliminary survey in the light of its commentaries

12:55 B. S. Shylaja and Venketesvara Pai
A catalogue of stars derived from Indian astronomy texts

1:15 Lunch break

Session Two (Chair: K. Ramasubramanian)

2:15 Clemency Montelle
The Candrārkī of Dinakara: a table text for the sun and the moon

3:00 Keshav Melnad
A critical study of the Jagadbhūṣaṇa of Harida a

3:45 Afternoon tea break

4:00 Deepak Paramashivan
Sāraṅgī: The sound of one hundred colours

5:30 End of day

Thursday 20 April

Session three (Chair: Piers Locke)

9:00 M S Sriram
Approximations, exactness and pragmatisn in Indian astronomy

10:00 Jambugahapitiye Dhammaloka
A review of the terminology employed by Śrīpati in the mathematical chapters of the Siddāntaśekhara

10:45 Morning tea break

11:00 Sarah Qidwai
Science and Islam: Sir Syed the nechari (naturalist)

11:45 Pravesh Vyas
Disaster prediction through abnormal animal behavior in ancient India

12:30 Lunch break

Session Four (Chair: Arin Basu)

1:15 Rama Jayasundar
Āyurveda: Where the past is still present and also getting ahead of the curve

2:15 Natalie Köhle
New insights on the origin of the tridoṣas

3:00 John Richardson
The 1863 military reforms in sanitation and their wider impact in India

3:45 Afternoon tea break

4:00 Piers Locke
Discovering and defending ancient Indian elephant science

4:45 Jane Buckingham
Epizootic/epidemic: Cattle disease in Bengal 1864

Evening Concert: Sarangi the sound of one hundred colours

Deepak Paramashivan

7:30pm, Recital Room, UC City Campus, Arts Centre

Entrance from the internal quadrangle o Hereford street: the “Old Chemistry” building
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