[INDOLOGY] Programme details for Symposium on History of Science in India

Clemency Montelle clemency.montelle at canterbury.ac.nz
Tue Apr 11 11:46:43 UTC 2017

Dear fellow Indologists,

For your interest, I'm delighted to circulate the programme for the upcoming Symposium on the History of Science in India which will take place next week 19--20 April, at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand.  Speakers and titles are pasted below and attached with their abstracts to this email.

We are thrilled that Dr Deepak Paramashivan, a internationally renowned Sarangi player, will be wrapping up the Symposium with an Indian classical music concert entitled "Sarangi: the sound of one hundred colours".

With best wishes,
Clemency Montelle
Associate Professor
School of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Canterbury | Te Whare Wananga o Waitaha
Private Bag 4800, Christchurch 8140


Symposium on History of Science in India April 19-20, 2017

Venue: Law 105, College of Business and Law UC

Wednesday 19 April

9:15am Welcome: Prof. Sekhar Bandyopadhyay (Director, New Zealand India Research Institute, Victoria University of Wellington)

Session One (Chair: M. S. Sriram)

9:30 K. Ramasubramanian
The art of weaving geometry and trigonometry with poetry: A study based on Nityānanda’s Sarvasiddhāntarāja

10:30 Aditya Kolachana
Evolution of udayalagna calculations in India

11:15 Morning tea break

11:35 Venketesvara Pai
Role of maṇḍalas and maṇḍaladhruvas in determining the longitudes of planets in the vākya school of astronomy

12:20 K. Mahesh
The Karaṇaprakāśa of Brahmadeva: A preliminary survey in the light of its commentaries

12:55 B. S. Shylaja and Venketesvara Pai
A catalogue of stars derived from Indian astronomy texts

1:15 Lunch break

Session Two (Chair: K. Ramasubramanian)

2:15 Clemency Montelle
The Candrārkī of Dinakara: a table text for the sun and the moon

3:00 Keshav Melnad
A critical study of the Jagadbhūṣaṇa of Harida a

3:45 Afternoon tea break

4:00 Deepak Paramashivan
Sāraṅgī: The sound of one hundred colours

5:30 End of day

Thursday 20 April

Session three (Chair: Piers Locke)

9:00 M S Sriram
Approximations, exactness and pragmatisn in Indian astronomy

10:00 Jambugahapitiye Dhammaloka
A review of the terminology employed by Śrīpati in the mathematical chapters of the Siddāntaśekhara

10:45 Morning tea break

11:00 Sarah Qidwai
Science and Islam: Sir Syed the nechari (naturalist)

11:45 Pravesh Vyas
Disaster prediction through abnormal animal behavior in ancient India

12:30 Lunch break

Session Four (Chair: Arin Basu)

1:15 Rama Jayasundar
Āyurveda: Where the past is still present and also getting ahead of the curve

2:15 Natalie Köhle
New insights on the origin of the tridoṣas

3:00 John Richardson
The 1863 military reforms in sanitation and their wider impact in India

3:45 Afternoon tea break

4:00 Piers Locke
Discovering and defending ancient Indian elephant science

4:45 Jane Buckingham
Epizootic/epidemic: Cattle disease in Bengal 1864

Evening Concert: Sarangi the sound of one hundred colours

Deepak Paramashivan

7:30pm, Recital Room, UC City Campus, Arts Centre

Entrance from the internal quadrangle o Hereford street: the “Old Chemistry” building

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