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Howard Resnick hr at ivs.edu
Sat Apr 8 03:54:27 UTC 2017

I am corresponding with a Hindu scholar who sent me the following as ‘evidence' of primordial ‘writing’ in India:

rāma-nāmāṅkitaṁ cedaṁ paśya devy aṅgulīyakam

Translation: O Sita devi! Please see this ring on which the name of Lord Rama is written.

Source: Sundara-kāṇḍa, Chapter 34, Verse 2. (Critical edition of Ramayana published at Baroda)

Of course aṇkita literally means ‘marked,’ not ‘written.’  How would Ramayana scholars understand this word here? Also, what is the status of the Baroda edition?

Many thanks!


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