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> Let us take one out of numerous important points in your argument:
> “It's [Sanskrit is] part of everything that has to be fought over
> to protect the diversity and inclusiveness of India, its secular state and
> its
> egalitarian Constitution.”
> How to say this in Sanskrit?
> Several possibilities, here is my proposal:
> संस्कृतं भागमेव सर्वस्य योधनीयवस्तुनः,
> भारतस्य नानाविधत्व-व्यापकत्व-लौकिकत्वानां च तत्साम्यलक्षितसंविधानस्य च
> रक्षणार्थम् ।
भागम्? The word भाग in the sense of part/portion is masculine.

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