[INDOLOGY] Etymology and meaning of 'Jhana'

Artur Karp karp at uw.edu.pl
Sun Sep 11 12:31:01 UTC 2016

See please:

R. L. Turner's *A Comparative Dictionary of Indo-Aryan Languages*, London

*6889 *(p. 395)

dhyāna– n. ‘meditation’ Ch Up. [√dhyai]

Pa. jhāna– n ‘contemplation’, Pk. jhāṇa – n.


Artur Karp

2016-09-11 14:14 GMT+02:00 alakendu das <mailmealakendudas at rediffmail.com>:

> Of late I am vividly going through a very old translation of a book on
> Abhidhamma Buddhist philosophy .It is difficult to gather the name of the
> translator.However,in course of the book I came across an analysis found in
> the book 'VishuddhiMagga'by BuddhaGhosha which uses a term 'Jhana'while
> describing the 3 -levels of consciousness .Jhana has been used while
> elaborating on the 2nd level of consciousness ,where the Yogachara( i.e the
> bhikhhu who delves into Yoga) meditates on an object abd finally attains
> Jhana.
> Can anybody enlighten on the implication of the term Jhana and it's
> etymology.
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