[INDOLOGY] Etymology and meaning of 'Jhana'

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Sun Sep 11 12:14:58 UTC 2016

 Of late I am vividly going through a very old translation of a book on Abhidhamma Buddhist philosophy .It is difficult to gather the name of the translator.However,in course of the book I came across an analysis found in the book 'VishuddhiMagga'by BuddhaGhosha  which uses a term 'Jhana'while describing the  3 -levels of consciousness .Jhana has been used while elaborating on the 2nd level of consciousness ,where the Yogachara( i.e the bhikhhu who delves into Yoga) meditates on an object abd finally attains Jhana. 

                               Can anybody enlighten on the implication of the term Jhana and it's etymology.

                                                     ALAKENDU DAS.

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