[INDOLOGY] pAnIya and buDana

Vitus Angermeier vitus.angermeier at univie.ac.at
Wed Sep 7 07:45:05 UTC 2016

I came across one occurrence, where pānīya denotes water in which plants 
grow: Ḍalhaṇa (12th cent.) - concerning Suśrutasaṃhitā 1.45.17 - glosses 
parṇī with pānīyapṛṣṭhajā (a plant originating from the water surface). 
Of course, this is not very early. A search with the Digital Corpus of 
Sanskrit might bring about more occurrences.

Vitus Angermeier

Am 03.09.2016 um 21:09 schrieb Martin Gansten:
> Many thanks to Madhav Deshpande and Walter Slaje for the additional
> information about buḍ/bruḍ/etc. The text from which my quotation was
> taken most probably originated in or near present-day Gujarat, so the
> Marathi vernacular may indeed be relevant.
> I'm still wondering about the earliest use of pānīya to denote water to
> swim (or drown) in, as opposed to drinking.
> Martin Gansten

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