[INDOLOGY] Professor Bansidhar Bhatt (1929-2016)

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It is very sad news indeed to loose such a renowned scholar of  
Jainism, and such a gentleman at that too.
His valuable work will continue to be appreciated.
With profound sadness,
Jay Soni

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> It is very sad to report that Professor Bansidhar Bhatt (1929-2016), one of
> the stalwarts of Jaina-Studies in the last forty years, has passed away on
> 4 September 2016. Professor Bhatt was awarded the degree of Dr. Phil. from
> the Free University of Berlin in 1977 on The Canonical Nikṣepa: Studies in
> Jaina Dialectics (Leiden 1978). He was Professor of Indology at Panjab
> University in Patiala 1977-1985 (Mahāvīra Chair for Jaina Studies) and from
> 1985 until his retirement at the University of Münster in Germany.
> Professor Bhatt is renowned for his outstanding work on technical Jaina
> philosophy. Most of his ground-breaking articles have been re-published by
> the Sharadaben Chimmanbhai Educational Research Centre in Ahmedabad in
> 2005. Despite his deteriorating health, Professor Bhatt was able to
> complete his last book on the Jina Pārśvanātha this year.
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