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The Sanskrit you are looking for is in the Southern Recension.  See the
highlighted "Gaṇeśa" words in adhyāya 1:



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On 4 September 2016 at 09:10, HdGoswami <hr at ivs.edu> wrote:

> We have all heard the popular story that Vyasa dictated the Mahabharata to
> his scribe Ganesha. This story does not appear in the critical text of the
> MBh, though it does appear in alternate readings that didn’t make it into
> the CE’s main text. I have access to a digital copy of the critical
> edition’s supplementary passages, but I cannot locate therein readings that
> describe Ganesha the scribe. Since Ganguly includes this Ganesh story in
> his translation somewhere around CE 1.1.56, I have been checking the
> Adi-parva alternative readings, but I can’t find the Ganesha story  either
> in the CE’s running list of shorter alternative readings for 1.1, or at the
> end where the CE gives longer supplementary passages.
> I would appreciate any help in finding the alternative Sanskrit readings
> that give the Ganesha story.
> For reference, here is Ganguly’s translation, roughly around 1.1.56 of the
> CE:
> "Sauti said, 'Brahma having thus spoken to Vyasa, retired to his own
> abode. Then Vyasa began to call to mind Ganesa. And Ganesa, obviator of
> obstacles, ready to fulfil the desires of his votaries, was no sooner
> thought of, than he repaired to the place where Vyasa was seated. And when
> he had been saluted, and was seated, Vyasa addressed him thus, 'O guide of
> the *Ganas*! be thou the writer of the *Bharata* which I have formed in
> my imagination, and which I am about to repeat."
> "Ganesa, upon hearing this address, thus answered, 'I will become the
> writer of thy work, provided my pen do not for a moment cease writing." And
> Vyasa said unto that divinity, 'Wherever there be anything thou dost not
> comprehend, cease to continue writing.' Ganesa having signified his assent,
> by repeating the word Om! proceeded to write; and Vyasa began; and by way
> of diversion, he knit the knots of composition exceeding close;"
> Many thanks.
> Howard
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