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Before Rāmānuja, it was Bhāskara who referred to *māyā-vādin*-s as
*bauddha-matāvalambin. *Please see Chapter XV (The Bhāskara School of
Philosophy) in A History of Indian Philosophy (Volume 3), where Dasgupta

Thus, at the very beginning of his commentary, he says that it aims at
refuting those who, hiding the real sense of the *sūtra*, have only
expressed their own opinions, and in other places also he speaks in very
strong terms against the commentator who holds the māyā doctrine and is a
Buddhist in his views[3].
[3] *sūtrā-bhiprāya-saṃvṛtyā svābhiprāyā-prakāśanāt, vyākhyātaṃ yair idam
śāstraṃ vyākhyeyaṃ tan-nivṛttaye*. Bhāskara’s Commentary, p. i.
Also “*ye tu bauddha-matāvalambino māyā-vādinas te’pi anena nyāyena
sūtra-kāreṇai’va nirastāḥ*.” Ibid. II. 2. 29.
In another place Śaṅkara is referred to as explaining views which were
really propounded by the Mahāyāna Buddhists—*vigītaṃ vicchinna-mūlaṃ
māhāyānika-bauddha-gāthitaṃ māyā-vādaṃ vyāvarṇayanto lokān vyāmohayanti*.
Ibid. 1. 4. 25.

The chapter is available under

On 14 October 2016 at 20:28, Matthew Kapstein <mkapstei at uchicago.edu> wrote:

> Hi Bill,
> The "crypto-Buddhist" charge against Śaṅkara is, I think, inspired by
> RamAnuja's
> (at least, I recall it as RamAnuja's) castigation of him as
> prachanna-bauddha, for
> which crypto-Buddhist is fair enough as a translation. I don't think that
> we find
> a similar emic notion of "crypto-Hindu," though there are some Buddhist
> polemics
> I know that may suggest this. Tibetan critics of Dol-po-pa's theory of
> "extrinsic
> emptiness" (Gzhan-stong), for instance, often condemn it as disguised
> sAMkhya or vedAnta,
> but I doubt that Ritzinger or Hodge had this in mind.
> best,
> Matthew
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> The University of Chicago
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