[INDOLOGY] Crypto-Hindu and crypto-Buddhist

Martin Gansten martin.gansten at pbhome.se
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For completeness, I may add that I have heard Advaitins refer to Mādhvas 
as /pracchanna-naiyāyika/. No textual reference, though.

Martin Gansten

Den 2016-10-15 kl. 21:23, skrev Andrew Nicholson:
> Dear Bill,
> Not only did the Viśiṣṭādvaitins and others refer to Advaita Vedāntins 
> as crypto-Buddhists; in his Śatadūṣaṇī, Vedānta Deśika also labelled 
> the Bhedābheda Vedāntin Bhāskara as a "Vedāntin who smells like a 
> Jain" (/jainagandhivedāntin/).
> I have never seen a similar term in the premodern literature for a 
> "crypto-Hindu." Might we find similar epithets in Jain intra-religious 
> polemics (perhaps a /vedāntigandhijaina/)?
> Andrew
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