[INDOLOGY] Diacriticals in unicode, single or multiple glyphs

Artur Karp karp at uw.edu.pl
Thu Nov 24 19:37:56 UTC 2016

Dear Colleagues

Wikipedia is known for its amiguities and blunders.

In ISO 15919 (SA languages) e/o with macron-over (ē/ō) appear in the
 Dravidian languages:

*Tamil, *

*கெ*  ke

கே       kē

 *கொ*   ko
*கோ*     kō


*ಎ *e

*ಏ *ē

*ಒ*  o

*ಓ*  ō


എ e

*ഏ* ē

*​ *

Artur Karp​

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