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Dear Mark,

Could the second item be the one whose accurate bibliography is elaborately stated in n. 49 of von Hinüber's 2005 article on bhūmicchidranyāya <>?

Best wishes,

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Dear friends,

I’m having trouble locating two sources on arthaśāstra, and I hoped someone on the list might be able to help me. I give here the bibliographic information as I have it.

1. Ruben, W. 1929. Study in the Arthaśāstra. Dharwar. (This is cited in Sternbach’s Bibliography of Kau?ilya Arthaśāstra, which has a number of errors, as well as, at least, Botto’s article on dvaidhībhāva in India Maior). Worldcat has the following, but I couldn’t get it from the British Library to see if it is the same:

[cid:image002.jpg at 01D23916.8CB595A0]

2. Kavi, Ramakrishna. [title unknown: multiple articles on and text of the Cāk?u?īya Arthaśāstra]. Journal of the Venkatesvara Oriental Institute. 1:79-89; 3:99-116; 4:123-128; 4:129-140; 6:129-140(?). This comes from Kane I p. 152ff.

With thanks in advance for any help hunting down any of these.

All best,

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