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I am sorry for the typos in my previous mail. Please read

“Dear Colleague,

This is an interesting question that troubled me sometime and a short
discussion was made in the Department of Sanskrit, Pali and Prakrit,
Visva Bharati. We have no authentic document on the composition of the
army excepting the caste obligation of the Kshatriyas. The reality
however is reflected in lullaby which specifically mentions people
belonging to the Dom caste as foot soldiers.

There is a Rajput caste which claims to be Kshatriya. But they might
be descendants of acculturated invaders.

India is a melting pot, the castes are of varied origin adapted to a pattern.

It makes interesting study. The only work on the origin and evolution
of the castes is the Bengali book Vanger Jaatiiya itihaas by N.N.Basu
published around 1908



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