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I would be very careful about signing such contracts. There is a trend 
in business these days to push liability and economic responsibility as 
far down the ladder as possible. Working as a translator, I regularly 
get served contracts that in principle could ruin me. Never sign such 
contracts. Never make yourself responsible for more than an amount of 
money you know you can handle. Don't operate on trust - be smart, check 
with a lawyer or find some other publishing solution.


Den 17.03.2016 04:24, skrev Richard Mahoney | Indica et Buddhica:
> Dear Will,
> On 2016-03-17 14:57, Will Sweetman wrote:
>> In the last few months I've been asked to sign two contracts with
>> Indian publishers which included what seem to me to be very sweeping
>> liability statements.
> [snip]
>> I think academics too often sign contracts without any negotiation,
>> and I'd be very interested to hear (whether on or off list) whether
>> others have been successful in getting contracts amended.
>> Best wishes
>> Will
> I'd say it would be prudent to have such contracts reviewed by
> commercial solicitors with international experience and perhaps also by
> a firm of patent attorneys. Cost is an issue but most firms would be
> willing to have a chat to give you a sense of what you and your
> colleagues might be up for. `Frankenstein' contracts are not unknown.
> Best, Richard
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