[INDOLOGY] Taittiriya Aranyaka with Bhaskara Misra's commentary

Veeranarayana Pandurangi veerankp at gmail.com
Tue Mar 15 13:11:41 UTC 2016

I have a copy Vol 1 vol 2 but no third vol of Mysore edition with 64
however it is indeed published by ananda ashrama with sayana bhasya in 2
volumes 80 anuvakas
also published in calcutta 1872 by rajendralal mitra with sayana bhasya

On Sun, Mar 13, 2016 at 11:18 PM, Harry Spier <hspier.muktabodha at gmail.com>

> I have been unable to get a pdf ot vol. 3 of the Taittiriya Aranyaka with
> Bhaskara Misra's commentary by Sastri and Rangacarya.
> Does anyone know if there have been any other editions of the Taittiriya
> Aranyaka with Bhaskararamisra's commentary published?
> I thought I had seen somewhere on-line (where I can't remember) that an
> edition had been published by Ananda Ashram edited by Abhyankara with an
> introduction by VV Dvivedi but when I did a search of the KVK on-line
> collection of library catalogues all I could come up with was the entry for
> Abhyankara's edition with Sayana's commentary also published by Ananda
> Ashram.
> Thanks,
> Harry Spier
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अथ चेत्त्वमिमं धर्म्यं संग्रामं न करिष्यसि। ततः स्वधर्मं कीर्तिं च हित्वा
तस्मादुत्तिष्ठ कौन्तेय युद्धाय कृतनिश्चयः। निराशीर्निर्ममो भूत्वा युध्यस्व
विगतज्वरः।। (भ.गी.)


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