[INDOLOGY] khaṇḍa- and daṇḍānvaya

Andrey Klebanov andra.kleb at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 14:33:01 UTC 2016

Dear members of the list, 

in some articles (S. Pollock’s 2015’ contribution to the “World Philology” volume, or N.V.P. Unithiri's 2002’ article “The Commentarial Literature in Sanskrit”) I read that the commentarial styles of daṇḍa- and khaṇḍānvaya- stem from (the linguistic theories? textual history? of) nyāya- and mīmāṃsā respectively. As far as at least the the linguistic theories go (I talk of their śābdabodha-aspect now), I don’t see any compulsive reason for this strict differentiation.
I wonder if anyone could help me out with any further reference or, perhaps, a missing piece of common knowledge that would explain or corroborate the above statement. 

Thank you very much in advance, 


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