CfP: Transcultural trajectories in South Asian visual arts before the contemporary period

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DearColleagues, I amorganizing a panel for the 2nd European Association for Asian Artand Archaeology Conference (Zurich, 24-27 August 2017) and I amlooking for 3-4 presenters interested in the topic described below. Please feel free to contact me with any questions and, if you planto submit a proposal, please email me as soon as possible indicating yourintention and topic in one or two lines. Thank you! Best wishes,IsabellaNardi    Call for Papers: Transculturaltrajectories in South Asian visual arts before the contemporary period
Contact: Isabella Nardi, isabella.nardi at  Panel description: In the past few years, transculturalismhas become a valuable critical tool in the study of contemporary and global SouthAsian art and visual culture, whereas this framework of analysis is still marginalin the study of earlier periods which are often dominated by religious,textual, dynastic, iconographic, and other Eurocentric narratives, and by regionallylimited investigations permeated by notions of cultural and artisticauthenticity.  Thepurpose of this panel is to extend the transcultural lens to the pre-contemporaryart scenes of South Asia - including its ancient, classical, pre-modern andmodern productions - by considering them as manifestations of global flows and,at the same time, move beyond our established methods in an attempt to reach aless biased reading of South Asian visual arts. Papers areinvited to focus on art objects, buildings, iconographies etc., that emergedfrom South Asian internal trajectories or from interactions with Asia, Europe,etc. Topics of interest include (but are not limited to) the following:    
   - Study of the migration or circulation ofobjects, people, ideas, images, themes, techniques etc., to consider them asvehicles of transcultural interaction. 
   - Analysis of specific sites, group of objects,themes etc. together with their modes of visual adaptation and appropriation.
   - Critical assessment of the strengths, limits,and dissonances that arise in adopting the transcultural lens in the study ofSouth Asian art history as opposed to the traditional frameworks ofinvestigation.
   - Question established terminologies,geographical boundaries, periodizations, and mutually exclusive binaries thatpervade our field, such as high vs low art (e.g. courtly vs folkrepresentations), center vs periphery (e.g. imperial vs sub-imperial/provincialproductions), modern vs traditional, authentic vs hybrid, religious vs political.
 Abstract: 250 words. Also includea short bio at the end of the abstract indicating your position andaffiliation. Please submit your abstract to isabella.nardi at by 30 September2016.  Membership: EAAA membership isa prerequisite for participation to the conference.  Annual membership fees are 30 € (10 € forstudents). Please check the website for payments and other conferenceinformation:  

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