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Attempted, but unsuccessful suicides because of seemingly unfulfillable desire or lost love are not uncommon in the Sanskrit Drama. One can think offhand of Udayana in the Svapnavāsavadatta, Avimāraka in the well… Avimāraka and Sītā in the Uttararāmacarita
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> On Jun 5, 2016, at 11:25 PM, Alex Watson <alex.watson at ashoka.edu.in> wrote:
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> A colleague, Madhavi Menon, who is writing a book entitled 'A History of Desire in India', has asked me the following question.  All help appreciated; I will forward your responses to her.
> "Are there any narratives in Sanskrit/Buddhist literature/philosophy/history that talk about suicide, or ātma-hatyā, specifically in relation to love and desire?"
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