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Likening the sun to eye, occurring in the next quarter, is not implausible.
Chandramaa manaso jaata.h might be a play with word - chandramas and manas
are alliterative. The Braahmanas sometimes aggrandize old sayings with eye
to ritual. I add that the Braahmana often state authentic Vedic beliefs and
tradition too.

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> Can anyone explain why the mind is the microcosmic counterpart of the
> moon? The
> correspondence appears in Rgveda 10.90.13 and in countless passages of the
> Brahmanas
> and Upanisads, but it's not obvious like breath and wind.
> Renou Études Védiques vol XVI p. 150 says it's a play on words. I find
> that hard to accept,
> because the words (candra-mas and manas) are not very similar (they are in
> Latin, but the
> sages didn't have access to an Indo-European comparative dictionary).
> Could the connection be through soma (often linked or identified with the
> moon), since the
> mind is called a pavitra through which poetic insight (dhI) flows and
> becomes offerings
> (Gonda Vision of the Vedic Poets pp. 278-9)?
> Or is it that the mind, like the moon, is constant though its content
> continually changes?
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