Re: [INDOLOGY] The usage ‘mātarapitarau’ in Pariśiṣṭaparva (and other works)

Nityanand Misra nmisra at
Sun Jul 10 08:15:30 UTC 2016

Dear Andrew

Thanks for your kind help with the Pariśiṣṭaparva citation.

Could you please help with the link to the e-text edition of Śṛṅgāraprakāśa
that you used? I will check in other editions.

Thanks, Nityananda

On 10 July 2016 at 13:20, Andrew Ollett <andrew.ollett at> wrote:

> Dear Nityanand,
> It seems that Jacobi has given the reference in the extract quoted by
> Vijaya Dharma Sūri in the attachment as 3.130, which is confirmed by
> checking the editions available on DLI (99999990244944, 99999990245113,
> 99999990293745, 99999990321936). The full verse is: मातरपितराभ्यां च
> पोष्यमाणः स मानवः । क्रमेण यौवनं प्रापाप्रमत्तः कणभिक्षया ॥
> I could not find a similar compound in any other work (an e-text of the
> Śṛṅgāraprakāśa, possibly based on Raghavan's edition, has mātarapitarau in
> ch. 11, but when I checked Dwivedi's edition the same passage has
> mātāpitarābhyām. (Of course Dwivedi silently corrects many of the
> 'mistakes' in the manuscript...)
> Andrew
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Nityānanda Miśra

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