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Dear Arthur & list,

I would rather connect the name Uttaṅka to root TAṄK ‘live in distress’, whence taṅka “a miserable life” and “grief produced from separation from a beloved object” (MW, Apte), which seems to suit very well his character and epic vicissitudes: he lives a miserable life as a lingering brahmacārin, and grieves for the loss of precious objects – the earrings (= talismans of youth?), the ambrosia in different (versions of ) myths belonging to his corpus.

You may wish to have a look at my paper “Uttaṅka’s Quest’’ (available here<https://www.academia.edu/10239803/Utta%E1%B9%85ka_s_Quest>) offering a comprehensive interpretation of the Uttaṅka corpus as related to the universal mythical theme of the quest for immortality.

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2016-07-07 19:33 GMT+02:00 Artur Karp <karp at uw.edu.pl<mailto:karp at uw.edu.pl>>:
> wild speculation

Yes, quite wild, if I may say so.

Takṣaka as 'builder' (Polish 'budowniczy', Czech 'stavitel'), 'construction foreman' sounds reasonable, quite convincing.

Now, Uttanka? One who 'ruins', 'lays waste' (Turner 5628, tañc – ‘contract, coagulate’)?

See this Mbh episode (Kumbakonam 1906 Ed.), where Uttanka, while trying to enter Taksaka's underground home, violently destroys its entrance.

Artur Karp

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