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Dear Friends,

Does anyone have or know where I could find a copy of the meru tantra? I
know nothing about this text. When was it composed? I have looked on
gretil, muktabodha, archive, google,wikipedia, but no luck.

The searchable archives on Indology came up with not much:
apart from a suggestion it was written in the 8th century.

I would like a searchable document ideally.
An organisation I am studying at the moment keeps referring to it for the
definition of a 'Hindu'.

>From their website:

The Holy text the *Merutantra *defines the word Hindu (हिंदु) as हीनानि
गुणानि दूषयति इति हिंदु । (*hinaani gunaani dushyati iti Hindu*)'. ‘हीनानि
गुणानि दूषयति’  means that which destroys (*dushyati*) the base and
inferior (*hin*)* Raja *and *Tama* components (*gun*). Thus Hinduism is an
attitude. It means being a seeker. If one is a seeker enriched with the
*Sattva* component which destroys the *Raja* and *Tama* components then one
is certainly a Hindu. By this definition, a seeker belonging to any
religion, can be considered a Hindu. Hence the Hindu religion, in a real
sense, views all religions with equality.


Thanks in advance.

All the best,

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