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> Yet another cookie-cutter study resulting in a cotton-candy result! sigh.
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Probably more than that? Here is what David Reich has to say:


"This is an important (research) paper," said David Reich, professor of
genetics at the Harvard Medical School, who had seven years ago led an
independent effort to reconstruct India's population history that had
pointed to two ancestral groups: ANI and ASI.
"We had excluded the Austro-Asiatic and Tibeto-Burman speakers from our
analysis as we wanted to understand the gradient of ancestry seen mainly in
Indo-European and Dravidian speakers," Reich told this newspaper.
"The history of Tibeto-Burman speakers and Austro-Asiatic speakers and the
Andaman and Nicobar tribals is very important even though these groups
comprise a small fraction of the present-day population."

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