[INDOLOGY] Agriculture in Ancient India

Michael Brattus Jones mbjones at utexas.edu
Sun Jan 24 21:09:05 UTC 2016

Dear Jesse,

For the indigenous sites (and crops) of domestication in South Asia, I
recommend the relevant works of Dorian Fuller, an archaeobotanist at
University College London.

For a fairly recent overview of archaeological evidence for agriculture in
the early historic period, see F. R. Allchin's The Archaeology of Early
Historic South Asia (1995).

For Sanskrit sources in particular, the Hungarian scholar Gyula Wojtilla
has focused on agriculture for decades, ranging from Vedic to kṛṣiśāstra.
Fortunately, a good deal of his works are in English, including his History
of Kṛṣiśāstra (2006) and his edition of the Kāśyapīyakṛṣisūkti (2010).

I am currently finishing up my dissertation on agriculture, more
specifically on the interaction of agriculture and religion in Sanskrit,
and so I should have a fairly thorough bibliography “completed” in a few
months. I would be happy to correspond further to isolate works that might
meet your interests more specifically. Obviously what I've given above are
just general starting points.


Michael (Mike) B. Jones

PhD candidate

University of Texas at Austin

On Sun, Jan 24, 2016 at 2:06 PM, Jesse Knutson <jknutson at hawaii.edu> wrote:

> Dear List, Can you recommend some good readings on the early/earliest
> history of agriculture in South Asia? Best,J
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